Circles of Rain

Finished. I have tried painting this doll before and I can’t get the face to look as she looks. Quite pleased with the teddy and the heart though!

Making An Amineko cat for my friend. A good way to get the eyes where you want them is to position pieces of wool first, which stay in place fairly well and let you see where to poke the needle through. Doing the face and ears takes as long as putting the rest of the body together.

Next doll painting in progress. This is my doll from a travelling doll project a few years ago with three other doll makers. I made the body. The felted face was by one of the other artists. I love her face. She is hugging a bear I was given by a colleague when I left work.

Doll painting number two. This is a needle felted doll I bought from my friend Linda Sue. I love her cheery flower goddess feel.

Cassie being ultra cute!

Trying polystyrene printing.